Terms and Conditions for Submission


The use of this Platform is subject to the Terms stated hereunder. By accessing the Platform and inputting any detail, you agree to be bound, without reserve, to the said Terms without any liability to Sterling Bank Plc. For all intents and purposes, this Platform or any other link to or from same as developed by Sterling Bank constitutes an exclusive property and/or concept of Sterling Bank Plc. Sterling Bank reserves the right to restrict access to the Platform at any time.

1) You accept that this Platform is available and accessible to the members of the public and You will be responsible for anything you upload on same.

2) You agree that you understand the objective, use and concept of this Platform. The following states the Terms of Use under which you may access, traverse or input any information or fill out the proposal Form or upload your proposal on the Platform. In this regard, it is expected that you have read and understood these Terms of Use carefully and as such, use of same shall be construed as a voluntary indication to be bound by the terms of these Terms of Use without any liability to Sterling Bank Plc and the Bank is at liberty to revise these Terms of Use at anytime by updating or amending same without any prior notice.

3) Further agree that; (a) This Platform is/was developed for convenience purposes for submission of proposals only in order to obviate the need for a physical visit to Sterling Bank’s offices to submit any proposal and does not seek to provide a Platform for bidding, pitching or subscribing to any benefit, contract or commercial transaction with Sterling Bank Plc neither does it serve or seek to serve as an Invitation to Treat or request for submissions of Offers for a contract. Filling of the proposal Form/uploading of Proposals does not amount to a contract with Sterling Bank Plc or an acceptance of such proposal by Sterling Bank Plc or any of its representatives;
(b) Sterling Bank Plc is not obliged to review a filled proposal Form or accept any proposal uploaded on this Platform; Sterling Bank may at its discretion request for further clarity/a hardcopy of your proposal for further consideration which in any event shall not constitute an Offer, a contract, an expression of interest or commitment from Sterling Bank Plc with respect to the proposal or you ;
(c) You agree that Sterling Bank Plc could have existing products/contents similar to those contained in your proposals and their contents and as such, no right of claim whatsoever (including infringement/copyright/intellectual propriety claims) shall exist against Sterling Bank Plc in respect of any content in the proposal form/proposal submitted/uploaded
(d) Sterling Bank Plc will not be responsible for any copyright claims by any third party in respect of the content of the proposal Form/proposal submitted/uploaded and You hereby represent that any proposal uploaded or filled out on this Platform comprises wholly of your idea and does not or will not infringe on the proprietary interest of any other party and You hereby fully indemnify Sterling Bank Plc for and against any claim or damage against or suffered respectively, by Sterling Bank Plc .

4. Your obligations. By filling the proposal Form/ uploading your proposal, you agree to the following: (a) You will ensure that all proposal documents are free from viruses, malware and any other type of program or script which could interfere with the normal workings of a computer; (b) You shall not use the Platform for any purpose other than submission of or expression of your proposal; (c) You shall not upload any content/proposal which violates ANY copyright law neither shall you use the Platform for any illegal or unlawful purpose.

5. Your representations and warranties. You warrant and represent that any and all proposal documents uploaded by you unto the Platform shall contain or contains content that was originally created by You and that, in using the Platform, you shall comply with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, and government policies.

6. Indemnity You shall and hereby indemnify Sterling Bank Plc against any claim or demand made by a third party due to or arising out of Your access to or use of this Site or Platform available through this Site, violation of these Terms of Use or any infringement by You of any intellectual property or right of any person or entity and undertake bear the loses, costs and expenses suffered or incurred by the Bank in consequence thereof.

7. Changes to Terms of Use Sterling Bank Plc reserves the right to change these Terms of Use or disable or discontinue the hosting of this Platform at any time without notice.

8. Sterling Bank’s right; Sterling Bank Plc reserves exclusive rights to the Platform and Terms of Use therein and shall not be responsible for any information or document uploaded or posted unto the Platform. You agree that any such information or document uploaded or posted unto the Platform is for notice purposes only and any retention of such information or document on the Platform does not in any way transfer possession or ownership unto Sterling Bank Plc and Sterling Bank Plc does not and shall not provide any protection or storage for same.